Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Under suspicion(2000) starring Morgan Freeman and Henry Hearst

Two girls found murdered back to back and the killer is still on the run. Where the only witness the police has is the big shot lawyer who informs the police that he was the one who found the second girl's dead body. The only chance for police officials to catch the murder is to get as much they can from this lawyer. The interrogation which just starts as the information gathering process moves so much into the life of the lawyer and police are getting convinced that he is the one who killed those girls. The more he tries to explain them the more he has to let out the secrets of his personal life. The character of the lawyer has been perfectly handled by "Henry Hearst" and I can say this is one of the best movies of Morgan freeman, he is the one who is portrayed as the police officer in this investigation. The cinematography takes the movie to the greater heights adding to all the positives is the portrayal of ever beautiful Monica bellucci, as the lawyers wife.I never knew that two hours has passed by seeing this movie.A movie for the crime-thriller lovers.

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