Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Bicycle Thief

The Bicycle thief is one of my all time favorite movie .If you are a movie lover and never watched this movie yet,then first watch it . The movie is all nothing but a very simple story and an awe-inspiring screenplay . This movie released nearly 50 years before but still makes me wonder how it was made . Its a masterpiece of an Italian movie . The story goes like a man who suffers unemployment suddenly gets an offer for a job ,but the job would be given only if he owns a bicycle . So he and his wife sell whatever they have in their house to buy a bicycle . Though he got the job ,one day while he was working ,a man steals his bicycle .So there starts the movie where the hero and his son search for their cycle all around the streets which was really well directed and acted . Though the story line is so simple you could never predict the climax ,that's the speciality of this movie . The end of this movie would really touch your heart with a clear message . A must watch movie before you die !!!!

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