Monday, August 17, 2009

Blood Diamond (2006)

I recommend this movie a must watch movie for those who love really good movie .The story is all set at the backdrop of the civil war in 1990 in sierra leone . The Blood Diamond depicts the people who were taken to the diamond field and being pushed to collect the diamonds . We tend to become preoccupied to see the children who are taken drugged and being tugged hard to become terrorists. The story revolves around Daniel Archer (De Caprio) an ex-military officer , who opts to smuggle diamond in order to earn huge sum of money to get out of that continent .Jennifer connelly a journalist who does research about the blood diamonds , and she finds Daniel Archer to be the right person to give exact information's about blood diamonds.Finally Solomon Wendy who loses his family is in search of his family . What happens? when these three characters meet that's the rest of the movie.The story is full of some really thrilling experience with really awesome screenplay which never let you turn your eyes from the screen. The emotion of love at the climax is the best part of this movie . Leonardo De Caprio has done a over the top acting in this movie ,his hard work is clearly notable in this movie . The camera ,screenplay , direction,cast everything fills the movie in right proportion.

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