Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jibeuro (2002)- The way home(Korean)

I am an ardent fan of movies and if you let me i will be watching movies all day long. Having watched so many movies in a short period of time, the amount of movies making an impression on me is increasing and this movie tops the list. This movie is recommended as one of the best movies ever made in Korean film history. The plot for the movie is very simple. An unemployed women goes in search of the job leaving her seven year old boy in her mother's house. You thinking this is going to be a movie about the mother.No.I can give you a clue then, the mother returns back only at the end of the movie with a job. So whats the movie is all about. Its all about love. Its all about a child growing a few months with his grandmother who cant speak. Yeah she cant speak.But she speaks more in the movie with what she does. She speaks the real love and affection.I wont give away much of the interesting parts of the movie. But hats off to the director and to all our surprise this movie has been dedicated by the director to all the grandmother's of the world.

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