Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Terminal

Tom Hanks' cast as Viktor Navorski made a exceptional presence and performance in this film directed by the top famed Steven Spielberg.Navorski from a small east European country arrives to new york for some personal work . During the time he travelled to America his country gets execrated to the worse ,So his visa gets cancelled and he must just stay in the terminal till the next flight to his country returns back.The Entire movie is shot on the terminal of New york airport.The story goes around Navorski and a strict officer who never accepts Navorski with the situations at Krokozia .Did Navorski succeeded in entering New york or returns back to his own country ? is the rest of the story .The entire movie is fun filled and one can thoroughly enjoy the nice witted comedy by Tom Hanks who exhibited a new dimension in this movie . The director Steven Spielberg who named best for extraordinary and high fictional stories comes out with a very simple story which never needs graphics .Clearly a movie with a fresh story line . I recommend this movie for all ages .
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