Sunday, August 23, 2009

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Twilight Saga : New Moon

I Just think the movie is going to be better than its prequel " Twilight" which was acclaimed after the release. This is the Trailer of the upcoming movie.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ssaum2007 (Venus and Mars)

A romance movie with a difference in the whole screenplay . You would feel this movie a very fresh one apart from other movies you ever watched .Not even a single scene will resemble any other movie , its out and out a new experience .The story starts with the break up of the hero and the heroin and the screenplay moves such a way that whenever they meet they fight like hell . All those fights are funny and nice to watch. I amaze that what camera do the Koreans use in order to make such a colorful cinematography once again . They always do awesome job in cinematography special applause for that . The heroin Tae-hee Kim looks beautiful through out the movie with different hair styles which makes her pretty .The climax is another interesting part .Do watch this movie , a very different love movie !!!!


I started seeing this movie with a mindset that it is going to be yet another Adam sandler movie. But I totally taken aback by the way a Spanish woman's struggle amidst the native english people.No title can be as suitable as Spanglish for a movie like this.Spanish woman,being a single parent moves to the territory were there are 48% of Spanish people in America.She has to work two shifts in order to make a living.Now she is getting a job to house keep a native American family which will pay more than her two shifts.The family has its own problems.Spanish woman manages with her Spanish itself. But there comes a time when she has to learn English to protect her daughter.The struggle has been portrayed brilliantly. A subtle acting from Adam sandler leaves no doubt that he can give an act which is totally offbeat.The Spanish women looks more like Penelope Cruz to me.After seeing the movie I googled to know about her.I think this is the best role for her too. Spanglish tells us the traditions of Spanish Americans and their survival.

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Michael Jackson's Burial

The Michael Jackson burial is reported to be held on his birthday . The late pop star Michael Jackson passed away recently and there was a confusion where the burial of the pop king is going to take place .At last his parents reported media that Michael's body would be buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park Los Angels on his birthday tat comes at the end of this month.His death became a huge shock of this year .And many of his still could not come out of the grieve .However King of pop is in all our hearts .RIP Michael


Shiri a perfect action but dominated by romance sort of movie . In effect the best screenplay for a action movie brings out a sublime emotion because the plot involves a very cute love story within.In the climax the lover meet at the gun point was the best part in the movie . The movie starts of with the north Korean and south Korean war and some set of terrorists from north Korea enter the south Korea in order to steal a liquid bomb which was invented by south Korean scientists and use those bombs for a massive destruction.But where do the romance come in this movie , that's the surprise part of this movie .If i need to explain there are so many stuffs in this movie i don't wanna reveal the secrets . Watch the movie ,i assure there are many twists in this movie .You will love it !!!!

Changeling(2008)- A Client Eastwood movie

This is one of the much hyped movies of 2008. I watched this movie very recently. I always have a high regard for the director Client Eastwood. This story takes a start at the back drop of 1920's California. Angelina Jolie has understood the character very well. Being depicted as the mother of one of the victims of kidnapping and murder she has displayed a lot of emotions.Once we see the movie we can really say that she is coming of age as an actress.Way to go.The plot is like this,Christine Collins(Angelina) leaves her son alone for her office, when she comes back he is not there and he complains to the police that he has been kidnapped. After nearly three months police returns boy to her saying that he is her son. As a mother she understands within a minute that he is not her son and fights against the power and police to prove that this boy is not her son and her real son is still missing. As the story moves one of the detectives finds out that there are so many children being kidnapped and killed by a mass murderer and Collins boy can be one among those children who were killed.As the series of events takes twists and turns,the movie strongly depicts the hope of a mother for finding her kid. Kudos to the director and the lead actress. They have given a really fine but depressing movie.


The Bicycle Thief

The Bicycle thief is one of my all time favorite movie .If you are a movie lover and never watched this movie yet,then first watch it . The movie is all nothing but a very simple story and an awe-inspiring screenplay . This movie released nearly 50 years before but still makes me wonder how it was made . Its a masterpiece of an Italian movie . The story goes like a man who suffers unemployment suddenly gets an offer for a job ,but the job would be given only if he owns a bicycle . So he and his wife sell whatever they have in their house to buy a bicycle . Though he got the job ,one day while he was working ,a man steals his bicycle .So there starts the movie where the hero and his son search for their cycle all around the streets which was really well directed and acted . Though the story line is so simple you could never predict the climax ,that's the speciality of this movie . The end of this movie would really touch your heart with a clear message . A must watch movie before you die !!!!

Under suspicion(2000) starring Morgan Freeman and Henry Hearst

Two girls found murdered back to back and the killer is still on the run. Where the only witness the police has is the big shot lawyer who informs the police that he was the one who found the second girl's dead body. The only chance for police officials to catch the murder is to get as much they can from this lawyer. The interrogation which just starts as the information gathering process moves so much into the life of the lawyer and police are getting convinced that he is the one who killed those girls. The more he tries to explain them the more he has to let out the secrets of his personal life. The character of the lawyer has been perfectly handled by "Henry Hearst" and I can say this is one of the best movies of Morgan freeman, he is the one who is portrayed as the police officer in this investigation. The cinematography takes the movie to the greater heights adding to all the positives is the portrayal of ever beautiful Monica bellucci, as the lawyers wife.I never knew that two hours has passed by seeing this movie.A movie for the crime-thriller lovers.

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when a man loves a woman

As I had watched a lot of movies of meg ryan,I searched through the list of movies she starred and the name of the movie attracted me.I say this movie just because i was attracted by the name "when a man loves a woman". This andy Garcia and meg ryan starrer really did justice to the title. Andy Garcia, a perfect casting for a man who loves his wife for what ever she does. Meg ryan's character is bit on the negative aside. This movie depicts the life of ordinary couple in America. This is story about a pilot and his wife who is addicted badly to alcohol. There comes a situation when she has to go to rehabilitation center. That time also he supports her. But the story takes twist and turns after his wife comes back home from the rehab. This movie takes a honest approach towards alcoholism and relationships.I recommend this movie for every man who loves his woman.

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Jibeuro (2002)- The way home(Korean)

I am an ardent fan of movies and if you let me i will be watching movies all day long. Having watched so many movies in a short period of time, the amount of movies making an impression on me is increasing and this movie tops the list. This movie is recommended as one of the best movies ever made in Korean film history. The plot for the movie is very simple. An unemployed women goes in search of the job leaving her seven year old boy in her mother's house. You thinking this is going to be a movie about the mother.No.I can give you a clue then, the mother returns back only at the end of the movie with a job. So whats the movie is all about. Its all about love. Its all about a child growing a few months with his grandmother who cant speak. Yeah she cant speak.But she speaks more in the movie with what she does. She speaks the real love and affection.I wont give away much of the interesting parts of the movie. But hats off to the director and to all our surprise this movie has been dedicated by the director to all the grandmother's of the world.

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The Terminal

Tom Hanks' cast as Viktor Navorski made a exceptional presence and performance in this film directed by the top famed Steven Spielberg.Navorski from a small east European country arrives to new york for some personal work . During the time he travelled to America his country gets execrated to the worse ,So his visa gets cancelled and he must just stay in the terminal till the next flight to his country returns back.The Entire movie is shot on the terminal of New york airport.The story goes around Navorski and a strict officer who never accepts Navorski with the situations at Krokozia .Did Navorski succeeded in entering New york or returns back to his own country ? is the rest of the story .The entire movie is fun filled and one can thoroughly enjoy the nice witted comedy by Tom Hanks who exhibited a new dimension in this movie . The director Steven Spielberg who named best for extraordinary and high fictional stories comes out with a very simple story which never needs graphics .Clearly a movie with a fresh story line . I recommend this movie for all ages .
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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

This is the story of the couple Henry and Clare . Clare have grown loads of love on Henry who is a time traveler .Henry the man anathematized to live upon different time period and that makes him miserable .He has no hold over the changing timeline , it happens just like that passing over future and past .Though the fact that Henry is not a permanent factor in her life ,she never let her love for nothing. She tries to construct a very Strong love and life with Henry and that's the rest of the story !
Plot is so interesting but the movie is slow for the audience but quite a fresh romantic feel is brought all along the movie . People can watch the movie just for Rachel !

Blood Diamond (2006)

I recommend this movie a must watch movie for those who love really good movie .The story is all set at the backdrop of the civil war in 1990 in sierra leone . The Blood Diamond depicts the people who were taken to the diamond field and being pushed to collect the diamonds . We tend to become preoccupied to see the children who are taken drugged and being tugged hard to become terrorists. The story revolves around Daniel Archer (De Caprio) an ex-military officer , who opts to smuggle diamond in order to earn huge sum of money to get out of that continent .Jennifer connelly a journalist who does research about the blood diamonds , and she finds Daniel Archer to be the right person to give exact information's about blood diamonds.Finally Solomon Wendy who loses his family is in search of his family . What happens? when these three characters meet that's the rest of the movie.The story is full of some really thrilling experience with really awesome screenplay which never let you turn your eyes from the screen. The emotion of love at the climax is the best part of this movie . Leonardo De Caprio has done a over the top acting in this movie ,his hard work is clearly notable in this movie . The camera ,screenplay , direction,cast everything fills the movie in right proportion.

Seven Days

This movie Seven days is a very interesting piece of the thrillers i ever watched.With lead lady Yun-jin which was one of the best selling movies in 2007.The movie has splendid quality that one can appreciate.The story revolves around Yun-jin the mother of a small girl and a famous lawyer . The life of her moves very smooth and she succeeds almost all the cases she handle.But one day she tends to miss her daughter and comes to know her daughter has been kidnapped .So Yun-jin is bound to some serious blackmailing activity which is to appear as a lawyer for a person who is arrested guilty in a murder case of a teen girl Else her daughter would be killed. Evidence are clear that this guy is guilty but in order to save her daughter will yun-jin succeed or fail in this case .Rest of the movie is class of a thriller ,loads of surprises and twists make you seated on the edge of the chair . Over all good direction and excellent acting skill exhibited together . The cinematography is really good ,but drops at certain places . If you are a fan of thriller movies then go watch this movie .Rating 7.5/10

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