Monday, August 17, 2009

Seven Days

This movie Seven days is a very interesting piece of the thrillers i ever watched.With lead lady Yun-jin which was one of the best selling movies in 2007.The movie has splendid quality that one can appreciate.The story revolves around Yun-jin the mother of a small girl and a famous lawyer . The life of her moves very smooth and she succeeds almost all the cases she handle.But one day she tends to miss her daughter and comes to know her daughter has been kidnapped .So Yun-jin is bound to some serious blackmailing activity which is to appear as a lawyer for a person who is arrested guilty in a murder case of a teen girl Else her daughter would be killed. Evidence are clear that this guy is guilty but in order to save her daughter will yun-jin succeed or fail in this case .Rest of the movie is class of a thriller ,loads of surprises and twists make you seated on the edge of the chair . Over all good direction and excellent acting skill exhibited together . The cinematography is really good ,but drops at certain places . If you are a fan of thriller movies then go watch this movie .Rating 7.5/10

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  1. This blog is full of movies reviews.But seven day is very good action movie.i do not now the name of stars but they are Japanese origin.I have a site also where you can Watch Action movies.