Sunday, August 23, 2009

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As I had already mentioned in my last post, I would be posting some of the PTC sites where you can earn some extra money while browsing online.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Twilight Saga : New Moon

I Just think the movie is going to be better than its prequel " Twilight" which was acclaimed after the release. This is the Trailer of the upcoming movie.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ssaum2007 (Venus and Mars)

A romance movie with a difference in the whole screenplay . You would feel this movie a very fresh one apart from other movies you ever watched .Not even a single scene will resemble any other movie , its out and out a new experience .The story starts with the break up of the hero and the heroin and the screenplay moves such a way that whenever they meet they fight like hell . All those fights are funny and nice to watch. I amaze that what camera do the Koreans use in order to make such a colorful cinematography once again . They always do awesome job in cinematography special applause for that . The heroin Tae-hee Kim looks beautiful through out the movie with different hair styles which makes her pretty .The climax is another interesting part .Do watch this movie , a very different love movie !!!!


I started seeing this movie with a mindset that it is going to be yet another Adam sandler movie. But I totally taken aback by the way a Spanish woman's struggle amidst the native english people.No title can be as suitable as Spanglish for a movie like this.Spanish woman,being a single parent moves to the territory were there are 48% of Spanish people in America.She has to work two shifts in order to make a living.Now she is getting a job to house keep a native American family which will pay more than her two shifts.The family has its own problems.Spanish woman manages with her Spanish itself. But there comes a time when she has to learn English to protect her daughter.The struggle has been portrayed brilliantly. A subtle acting from Adam sandler leaves no doubt that he can give an act which is totally offbeat.The Spanish women looks more like Penelope Cruz to me.After seeing the movie I googled to know about her.I think this is the best role for her too. Spanglish tells us the traditions of Spanish Americans and their survival.

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Michael Jackson's Burial

The Michael Jackson burial is reported to be held on his birthday . The late pop star Michael Jackson passed away recently and there was a confusion where the burial of the pop king is going to take place .At last his parents reported media that Michael's body would be buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park Los Angels on his birthday tat comes at the end of this month.His death became a huge shock of this year .And many of his still could not come out of the grieve .However King of pop is in all our hearts .RIP Michael


Shiri a perfect action but dominated by romance sort of movie . In effect the best screenplay for a action movie brings out a sublime emotion because the plot involves a very cute love story within.In the climax the lover meet at the gun point was the best part in the movie . The movie starts of with the north Korean and south Korean war and some set of terrorists from north Korea enter the south Korea in order to steal a liquid bomb which was invented by south Korean scientists and use those bombs for a massive destruction.But where do the romance come in this movie , that's the surprise part of this movie .If i need to explain there are so many stuffs in this movie i don't wanna reveal the secrets . Watch the movie ,i assure there are many twists in this movie .You will love it !!!!