Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I started seeing this movie with a mindset that it is going to be yet another Adam sandler movie. But I totally taken aback by the way a Spanish woman's struggle amidst the native english people.No title can be as suitable as Spanglish for a movie like this.Spanish woman,being a single parent moves to the territory were there are 48% of Spanish people in America.She has to work two shifts in order to make a living.Now she is getting a job to house keep a native American family which will pay more than her two shifts.The family has its own problems.Spanish woman manages with her Spanish itself. But there comes a time when she has to learn English to protect her daughter.The struggle has been portrayed brilliantly. A subtle acting from Adam sandler leaves no doubt that he can give an act which is totally offbeat.The Spanish women looks more like Penelope Cruz to me.After seeing the movie I googled to know about her.I think this is the best role for her too. Spanglish tells us the traditions of Spanish Americans and their survival.

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