Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Changeling(2008)- A Client Eastwood movie

This is one of the much hyped movies of 2008. I watched this movie very recently. I always have a high regard for the director Client Eastwood. This story takes a start at the back drop of 1920's California. Angelina Jolie has understood the character very well. Being depicted as the mother of one of the victims of kidnapping and murder she has displayed a lot of emotions.Once we see the movie we can really say that she is coming of age as an actress.Way to go.The plot is like this,Christine Collins(Angelina) leaves her son alone for her office, when she comes back he is not there and he complains to the police that he has been kidnapped. After nearly three months police returns boy to her saying that he is her son. As a mother she understands within a minute that he is not her son and fights against the power and police to prove that this boy is not her son and her real son is still missing. As the story moves one of the detectives finds out that there are so many children being kidnapped and killed by a mass murderer and Collins boy can be one among those children who were killed.As the series of events takes twists and turns,the movie strongly depicts the hope of a mother for finding her kid. Kudos to the director and the lead actress. They have given a really fine but depressing movie.


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